750 hrs Gliding

I was born in the UK and emigrated to Adelaide Australia in 1990. I started gliding in 1995 and in 2001 I married my gliding instructor Peter Temple.
We now live in Humbug Scrub north of Adelaide and close to our local gliding club the Adelaide Soaring Club, which is also the home club of team member Terry Cubley.
Glider: LS8a   Comp No: C64
4500 hrs Gliding

I started gliding in 1984 - I couldn't stand to be on the ground any longer! I never had any intention of flying competitions, but my old instructor talked me into trying it just once. Still now I don't want to do anything else!
I am lucky to have an airfield at our home, where Anita and I grow sheep for their fine wool, and some cattle for beef. Between us we have five children, which is enough to keep everyone busy. The gliding season coincides with the busy time on the farm, so getting away to competitions is never easy, but we always seem to manage. Going to Europe in our winter is simpler.
I have been fortunate to attend a lot of international comps, and really enjoy meeting other pilots, both new friends and old.
For me, Rieti holds a little magic, as I have always heard about the site from friends, but until last year I had never been there. It provides a beautiful mix of conditions that should test all of us. I look forward to being back again.
Glider: Discus 2c  Comp No: JN
4800 hrs Gliding

I started gliding as a 15 year old in Bacchus Marsh Victoria, “didn’t have anything else to do that weekend”. I was a slow learner but gradually became more confident with cross country and had some success with small club and regional competitions. I outlasted most of the opposition and started to do well in national comps, finally getting an international taste when sent to the USA to fly the US nationals when I was 28yo – came 9th. I flew the Rieti pre-worlds and worlds in 1984/5, scared myself silly but then started to really enjoy the mountain flying experience. This will be my 7th World Championship representing Australia and my 4th in the Mountains, so I have a lot more confidence and skill now than in previous times.
Vicki and I moved to Adelaide 4 year ago and have spent most of the time flying my LS3, and enjoying the SA lifestyle. Vicki is a keen supporter and crew, and I am also being well supported by fellow ASC pilot Andrew Wright. John Nicholls is letting me fly his brand new Discus 2ct – so with the best glider, best crew, good experience and great preparation …..(running out of excuses!).

I am a member of the Adelaide Soaring Club at Gawler where I was the Competition Director of the first Club Class World Gliding Championship in 2001.
Glider: Standard Cirrus
Comp No: SN

2750 hrs Gliding

I have been flying since 1982 and soloed at the age of 15. I was originally a member of the Adelaide University Gliding Club, but I am now a member of the Adelaide Soaring Club and mostly fly from the Gawler Aerodrome (site of the 2001 Club Class World Championship).  In 1989 I joined a syndicate that bought a Boomerang sailplane - an old Australian design; the glider was in need of some serious refurbishment, which was eventually completed in 1990. I flew this glider in my first national championship in 1991 and I have flown most club class nationals since.  In 1997 my wife Mandy and I bought a DG200 and I enjoyed many hours in this glider before upgrading to an LS8-18 in 2008. Highlights of my flying include achieving a 'wooden' diamond height (23500') over the Australian Snowy Mountains in the Boomerang, and setting the Australian 18m and 15m 1000km out and return speed records in the DG200.

I now have 2750 hours in gliders, mostly flying over the Australian plains. My first taste of real mountain flying was competing in the club class world gliding championship at Vinon France in 2006 - finishing a respectable 16th and beating many of the mountain pilots. Flying at Rieti for the first time, I won the Sabina Glide club class pre-world championship last year. I’m looking forward to the challenge of flying from Rieti again this year.
Glider: LS 1F Comp No: UX
1000 hrs Gliding

Born in New Zealand in 1962, and moved to Australia at the age of 20 where I learned to fly hang gliders at Stanwell Tops near Sydney. Moved to the UK in 1989 primarily to learn from the best pilots in the world (at the time). Represented the UK at several world hang gliding championships, and was UK, Australian and New Zealand champion. Converted to sailplanes in 2002 after a hip injury sustained in a parachute deployment in a broken hang-glider meant I could no longer foot-launch! Returned to Australia in 2003, and represented New Zealand at the Club Class World champs in 2004, placing 14th. Rieti will be my second international competition and my first for Australia.